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All of the camper trailers we have at Camp Kettlewood are vintage and original. Ranging from 1951 to 1977, our renovated vintage trailers provide a unique camping experience with an emphasis on nostalgia.

Enjoy modern amenities, like comfortable beds, electricity, coffee makers, and propane grills, while still getting the laid-back camping experience of yesteryear. The Airstream at Last Resort sleeps up to 4 guests. The Holly at Oakwood Knoll sleeps 2. And the Canned Ham, Empire, and Shasta Compact at the Mushroom Gulch group trailer village sleeps 3-6 guests.

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For those looking for an upgraded tent camping experience, we have three group platform tent sites to choose from. All equipped with mosquito netting, propane grills, hammocks, and string lights for an evening relax in the forest.

The Hilton is our premium, canvas-platform tent site. These platform structures are original to this historic camp, and were used by the Girl Scouts when they owned the property! We gave them a little TLC, decorated them with vintage furnishings, and put in plush mattresses so that the campsite lives up to its long-standing original name - The Hilton! This site sleeps up to 8 guests.

Sunset Ridge and Crow’s Nest are both rustic platform tent sites for those small groups looking for a true scout feel, but to avoid the hassle of putting up and taking down tents, and sleeping on the ground.


While these 8 cabins are new to Camp Kettlewood, they actually aren’t ‘new’ at all. These cabins were built in the 1940s on the grounds of Camp Pottawatomie Hills, which is just 10 minutes up the road from us. Camp PH was also a former Girl Scout Camp, so when the new owners contacted us to see if we wanted the cabins, we obviously said “YES!”

We carefully moved them from their original home and found new places for them on our property in the fall of 2021. We spent our off season, cleaning, repairing, and decorating all 8 cabins, which were ready for their debut in mid-June of 2022. We are so honored to continue to give second lives to the buildings, structures, and materials once enjoyed by the Scouts program in the area.

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