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Founded in 2020, Camp Kettlewood is actually the second campground to have operated on this beautiful land. The property previously belonged to the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin- Badgerland Council. The Girl Scouts hosted outings and events here from 1967 through 2018. That's over 50 years of learning, laughing, building friendships, and making memories in the great outdoors! 

We knew that this land was special when we bought it. So, when we decided to turn this campground into...well...a campground, we wanted to respect that rich history and honor it in a new way. You'll notice the campsite signs are new, but the campsite names- like The Hilton, Mushroom Gulch, and The Last Resort- are all original. That was purposeful, not only because we couldn't think of any better names (it's harder than you think!) but mostly because we wanted to show respect to what was here before us. We even created a new campsite and named it Oakwood Knoll, which was the previous name of this property. If you keep an eye out, you'll be able to see more subtle nods to the Girl Scouts program incorporated into our decorations at the campsites!

Our campsites are set spaciously apart from one another, so guests can have more privacy than they would at a traditional campground. Our premium sites are also designed for comfort and ease. When you arrive, the campsites are ready for you, so there's no setting up or tearing down. You'll also get to sleep in real beds, as opposed to sleeping in a bag on the ground. Guests can expect to enjoy electricity, flush toilets and full plumbing, propane grills, and the warm ambiance of string lights. These sites are perfect for both campers and glampers. We're confident you'll get the perfect mix of  relaxation, nature, and comfort during your stay. You'll also certainly get some great Instagram-able photos!

While you're here, check out the many places and activities located just a short drive from Camp Kettlewood. As our name suggests, we're adjacent to the Kettle Moraine State Forest, as well as many other parks and nature preserves. You can also enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, boating, and fishing in several nearby lakes. All within 20 minutes or less of our camp, making day trips a breeze!

Thank you again for your interest in staying at Camp Kettlewood. We’re very excited to share our summers with you and we're honored to carry on the tradition of this property as a place for making memories- not only as a campground, but also as our home! We are blessed to live on-grounds in the renovated lodge, which was previously the Girl Scout club house. We've put a lot of hard work into this land and we're pretty proud of what we've been able to accomplish. We hope you will be, too!


Send us an email at with any questions you have and we're happy to help. Please also keep checking on our progress as we continue to improve and grow our campground. 


- Simona & Jeremy Ebner, Owners

  Camp Kettlewood, Est. 2020

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